Opel Kadett B Caravan 1969   



2.0 DOHC 16V Opel Vectra GT2000 C20XE from 1992 (same as Kadett GSI 16V, Calibra 16V). 

Original transverse FWD engine, now 90 degrees rotated in order to be a longitudinal RWD application.

- Motronic M2.5 SFI fuel injection + tuned chip
- Lexmaul Ram Induction + stagnation pressure box
 (by owner) + K&N Panel Filter
- 4-2-1 header, 3mm (in dia.) bigger primaries, slightly shorter for torque (by owner). Oxygen sensor
- Engine color theme altered to look like a today's "stocker" engine (Red...YUK!!!! Not for me!)
- Additional oilpan baffles made for RWD application to prevent oil splashing in road racing (by owner)
-Volvo 740 aluminum radiator

- Original engine oil cooler
- Improved crankcase ventilation
- Improved ign.advance module
- And something else too...
 Clutch:  Transmission:

- C20XE orig. flywheel and pressure plate
- Diesel Rekord D 9" clutch plate, matter of splines
- Pressure- and needlebearing from Opel CIH family engines
- Modified clutch fork, cable operated (by owner)

- Opel Omega A 2.0 Caravan,  R25-type 5 speed manual
- 5th gear with ratio 0.84:1
 Front axle:  

- Reinforced original beam (by owner)
- Upper and lower control arms repositioned for improved handling (by owner)
- Transverse monoleaf, adjustable ride height (by owner)
- Transverse brace within front beam for easy service to engine (by owner)
- Ride height approx. 100mm lower than stock
- 276mm cooled disc brakes (modified Cosworth Sierra discs, Opel Omega 3000 calipers)
- 24mm custom swaybar
- Koni Yellow adjustable shocks (originally for Kadett Model E rear)


   Rear axle:

- Rallye B Kadett torque tube axle, reinforced (by owner)
- 3.67:1 final ratio
- Opel Omega A LSD (limited slip differential) fitted to Rallye core, tightened. Offset limit set to 120Nm, equals a 65% locking action (by owner)
- Karpiola race steel axles, modified outer adjustable cone wheel bearings for track use (by owner). Modified axle locking to core (by owner)
- 260mm disc brakes (Opel Astra Caravan 2.0 16V year 2001) (by owner)
- 19mm sway bar
- Monroe Caravan coilover shocks aside with Rallye's original shortened springs
- Ride height approx. 100mm lower than stock, too
- Extra Heavy Duty torque tube support bushings from Opel GT Source

  Other things:

- Weight ratio Front/Rear 50/50% exact, overall weight 910 kilos.
- Complete Polyurethane Suspension Set from Opel GT Source, USA.
- Toyota LiteAce narrowed, shortened and modified front spoiler (by owner)
- 2.5" exhaust with twin dampeners , CAT removed  (by owner)
- Battery moved to trunk (by owner)
- Gasoline- and trunkdoor locks modified for inside cable operation next to drivers seat (by            owner)
- brake booster and main cylinder FSO Polonez (orig. 4-disc brake RWD model)
- Autometer tachometer with adjustable shift light fitted to orig. position in the gage cluster. Tacho's "face" made to look like orig. Rallye tacho.
- Rear compartment leather lid from VW Golf Variant 1992
- Interior black Alcantara leather, inner roof also of the same black material, gray tweed floor mat
- Painting theme Rallye B Kadett style with Rallye blackened stripes and hood
- Modified Astra steel wheels, 6x15", ET19. Bridgestone Potenza S-03 195/50/R15 tyres and NO, they NEVER make contact with the body
- Heater by owner (orig.) since the original was crap and didn't fit anymore. Efficiency approx. 10 times the original
- Top speed 235 km/h (theoretical) tested best speed so far is 210 km/h

Jari V, Helsinki, Finland (car has changed owner after this story)

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